Diabetics Often do not aware of the Disease

Diabetics Often do not aware of the Disease

Diabetes sufferers often do not realize that he was exposed to the disease, because of the symptoms also appear unnoticed. And how to prevent it very simple!

Why not consciously exposed to diabetes?

1. The early symptoms of diabetes are often mistaken for something common to the general public therefore many people do not think when the blood sugar is high.
2. Initial symptoms are often perceived as something normal in everyday life, such as: Often thirsty and urinating, often hungry, plenty to eat but heavy body decreased, often drowsy, and so on.

Triggers Diabetes:
1. Obesity (overweight).
2. Excessive eating (white rice, sugar, red meat, and so on).
3. Heredity.
4. lazy motion.
5. Age above 40 years.
6. Pregnancy.
7. Asthma medicines and contraceptive pills.

Prevent diabetes in the following ways:
1. Health check blood sugar regularly, at least 3 months
2. A healthy & balanced diet-reduce sugar intake, fatty foods, fast food, or fried foods every day.
3. Moving more actively, by way of sports and multiply the activity of motion outdoors.
4. Weight management, by keeping your ideal body weight and stomach circumference (female maximum <80cm, male <90 cm).

Control Diabetes and Check Your Health!

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